Acclimate Your Wood

Acclimate your wood
We ship wood all over the USA and Canada.  We all live in different climates with different humidity levels.  It's important for you to let your wood "Acclimate" to your climate and humidity.
Keep it stickered and keep weight on it, until it acclimates. Then, go for it!  Don't bring it into a 70 degree room and let it sit in a corner, it's too warm, too fast.  It will warp and /or split.
Have fun making sawdust!

This is how we store our wood:

When we first bring it in, right out of the sawmill and it's still wet, we dry it like this for a couple of years or more depending on how wet and/or green it is, and the thickness. Sometimes it can be a lengthy process!

Stored Wood

Once it is dry, then we plane it and cut it up!  We "sticker" it even once it's dry. It stays nice and flat that way. "Stickering" means to put spacers of the same thickness in between the pieces and put weight on top.  We use bricks for weight, because we have a lot of them! You can use anything you want.

Stored Wood

Then, when you order it, we pull the pieces from the different piles and get you a shipping quote. If you say "OK" then it's on it's way!

Stored Wood

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